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Hi reader, I’m Jay. 

You reading this is no small thing to me.

You’re gifting me your attention, your most valuable asset.

I intend that you make a significant return on each second of that time.

Every episode of Joyful Entrepreneur is designed to make you feel good. If it doesn’t, get in touch on the contact form.

With that out the way, I want to tell you a little about me:

I have built 3 tech companies. They are worth over $500m. This does little to define me, but I hope it indicates to you that I can credibly talk about Startups.

Back in 2018, I flew to New York to work on one of these businesses. I bought on a one-way ticket and would not come home until I had grown my US customer base by 200%. I would do whatever it took.  

Each day I turned up to work to what I loved. I had good friends, incredible colleagues and a mission. But something was off.

I wasn’t happy.

There was just one thing to do. Attack this problem with the same intensity that brought me business success. Make this my new mission.

That was 5 years ago. I’ve learnt a lot and found a new purpose. Joyful Entrepreneur is one manifestation of that purpose.

I hope we can entertain and make you smile in the short term and bring you success in the long term.

Give us a chance to do so. Click below and give us a follow.


Hey, Joyful Entrepreneur listener. (Or website reader if you’ve not got that far). I’m Rupy.

You’re on the about page, so I’ll tell you some stuff about me.

I’m a doctor, early-stage tech founder, and long-time podcaster (this ain’t my first rodeo). I share conversations, do TV appearances and write books under my brand, The Doctor’s Kitchen, and I recently launched an app with the same name.

Back in 2009, I suffered a serious heart condition. In search of solutions, I dug into medical literature and concluded that the future of my health lay in better nutrition. I began to change how I ate and shared what I was doing online. My content got some traction, and that’s how The Doctor’s Kitchen was born.

My books became bestsellers, my podcast gained millions of listeners, and I went on major TV shows to share my belief that food is medicine. Doing so became my primary income stream.

I guess that’s when I became an entrepreneur?

Until recently, all I thought about was health and well-being (mine and other people’s). Then I launched a tech product. Now all my energy goes there.

Well, almost.

I will no longer compromise other areas of my life for “success”. Seriously. I won’t make the same mistake twice.

I co-host this show to help people solve the same problem. I guess it’s why you are reading these words. Because you want to succeed in entrepreneurship without sacrificing your health or happiness.

Well, I hope this show will help you do this. And that you enjoy listening.

If you do, all I ask is that you click on one of the icons below and give us a follow.

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